CH. Nittany Sweet Child O’ Mine


OFA Good Hips, OFA Clear Elbows, OFA Clear Patellas, OFA Clear Thyroid, CERF
Marduke x Sybyll
05/24/1996 to 06/27/2008

Rykki is a very special girl. She is the first Mastiff in the history of the breed to have a championship plus any agility title. But Rykki doesn’t just have one agility title, she has four of them. She was also the first Mastiff to earn multiple agility titles. Due to the scarcity of majors in our area, Rykki gained her championship with a total of 23 points (which is 8 over the required 15). She took many BOB's along the way over specials, including this one, which gave her a four point major. Rykki earned her championship in 1999. She has impeccable movement and structure. It took Rykki some time, patience and perseverance to achieve her Novice Standard agility title (NA) as she gained those 3 trial legs over the Summer of 2001. At the time, we believe she was only the fourth Mastiff to have an agility title of any kind. Her Novice Agility Jumpers with Weaves title (NAJ) came in one weekend (Memorial Day 2002). The Novice Preferred titles (NAP & NJP) were first offered by AKC starting September of 2002, and Rykki got the NAP title in five trials and the NJP title in six all done over 3 weekends in September and October 2002. This is really quite a feat considering her handler was 6 months pregnant at the time, and the fact that Rykki herself was nearly 6.5 years old. She also has the obedience title of Companion Dog (CD). She earned those three legs in 4 trials in the Fall of 2001. Lastly, Rykki also has a Working Dog (WD) title from the MCOA. This title recognizes her ability to be a well-rounded dog and Mastiff. Rykki was only able to produce one puppy (Marcus). She also was the first Mastiff to get an Open level agility. She managed to pick up 2 more titles (NAC-V and NJC-V) competing in NADAC trials in the spring of 2005 competing at the age of 9. She was officially retired in the summer of 2005.

Rykki competing for her agility title

Go Rykki!

Agility photos by Karen M. MacDonald


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